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Sharon's Creole Kitchen Story

I started cooking at an early age with my mother, aunts and grandmother. They would tell me stories about our family's history in Louisiana as we all prepared old family recipes and created new ones. These moments gave me a deep appreciation and pride for my heritage. I found wonderful satisfaction in cooking homemade dishes for my family and friends. Good food, good friends, and great family; these were inseparable.​

After a bout with breast cancer, I knew it was my time to get back to doing what I so enjoyed doing. I believe God knew my heart's desire and He has truly blessed me with the place & opportunity again to where I can share my passion for people and food. So please, sit back and relax, and know that Sharon's Creole Kitchen is serving up "LOVE YOU CAN TASTE"

Sharon's Creole Kitchen is based in Murrieta, CA, which is a southern/creole style restaurant that is influenced by a rich and varied family traditions. Sharon's Creole Kitchen caters to an eclectic clientele in which our restaurant strives to make available many popular dishes that Louisiana is known for (and the south in general) such as gumbo, jambalaya, fried chicken, fried fish, po boys, collard greens, mac n cheese plus so much more. While offering everyday conveniences to having a quick lunch or family meals available to eat in or to enjoy in the comforts of your own home. Good home style cooking is what we do, Creole is who we are.​

Sharon's Creole Kitchen is an exciting new quick-service cafeteria style restaurant offering authentic Louisiana Home Style favorites that features several traditional Creole food dishes and other well-known Southern cuisine favorites. The distinctive aroma and flavor of southern influenced dishes that is only attainable when dishes are cooked with the passion and Love one feels when they know their dishes will be bringing someone food joy and an experience like none other, with a tasty mix of Louisiana & southern dishes giving the concept a unique point of difference that will make guests feel the comforts of being at home. Guest will be able to view the many food selections with some items being cooked to order to ensure freshness. Sharon's Creole Kitchen is more than just a place to eat, it is a central gathering spot, a melting pot for food, friends and family.

Authenticity is paramount at Sharon's Creole Kitchen. All food is freshly prepared with only the finest and freshest products. All desserts are prepared in house. And all the regional spices and sauces, that are favorites in Louisiana are used in Sharon's Creole Kitchen. 



To really get into the diverse and deep flavors of creole cooking, you need to start even before the great Louisiana residents began stirring up pots of spicy crawfish and chaurice. While the world knows that creole is the taste of New Orleans, the origins of this popular cuisine have deeper global roots than most even realize.

New Orleans and the surrounding areas were settled by people from all across the globe from diverse nationalities and ethnic heritages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Native American to name a few. This rich heritage is evident throughout most of the Creole culture, including some of their most famous dishes. Some of the most well-known Creole dishes use a combination of all of these heritages to create a uniquely Louisiana flavor.

Creole is more than just a type of cuisine. Eating in the Creole culture is more than just a thing that you have to do for survival. Meal times are a time of great gatherings, socializing, and being with the ones that you cherish the most. It is this feeling of family and togetherness that the team at Sharon's Creole Kitchen replicates for every visitor to our restaurant.

Here at Sharon's Creole Kitchen, we take these original flavors and create the most authentic and original Creole and southern food in Murrieta. To help make this taste even more amazing for everyone, our team only uses the freshest of ingredients and are all prepared in-house.

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